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Survey & Mapping (S&M)

Survey and Mapping (S&M) Industrial terrains can be a daunting, time-consuming and often expensive task. Our professional S&M tools allow you to collect and analyze unlimited data and gather vital insights for informed decision-making, planning and risk management for your business.

We help in:

  • Capturing precise georeferenced imagery and highly accurate orthophotos.

  • Creating customized 3-D digital elevation models.

  • Providing scheduled and on-demand aerial data collection to assist in processes such as stock-pile volume measurement, site planning, terrain mapping and more.

  • Automating the survey process with pre-defined missions and flight plans.


Our Service & Mapping services are cost-effective and efficient alternatives to helicopters, provide high-quality photos and data collection, and are best utilized for sectors such as infrastructure, precision agriculture, mining and energy.


Surveillance & Monitoring

An aerial perspective can be a game changer when shooting on the ground is not enough or during live, stealth surveillance and monitoring operations. Our drone’s flight capabilities, small size and ability to withstand harsh environments complemented with a first-person view enable the best output for your business needs.

Our aerial cinematography service portfolio includes

  • Panoramic filming with advanced-zoom capabilities and clear vision

  • Monitoring of large crowds, protests or even individuals to ensure public safety

  • Eclectic surveillance solutions across traffic management, illegal activity tracking, border and coastal surveillance, anti-terror operations and much more.

  • Search and rescue operations


We provide real-time insight into security and emergency situations for better control, precise intelligence gathering, comprehensive situational awareness, and more informed decision-making. Security & Disaster Management Companies, Law-enforcement Agencies, and Forest & Wildlife Departments are some of the key beneficiaries of our surveillance services.


Industrial Inspection

Industrial Inspections have involved the use of ladders, hydraulics, cranes and large-scale machinery to oversee industrial infrastructure and locate bottlenecks. It also poses risk to human inspectors along with financial implications due to the machinery shutdown.

Our industrial inspection solution offers:

  • UAVs can perform both day and night inspections, as well as cover larger areas in more efficient ways and at lower costs.

  • Faster problem recognition capabilities to carry diverse tasks such as corrosion identification, detection and analysis of cracks, dilapidation assessments, spillage and leak detection etc.

  • Drones are equipped with transmitters that share real-time feed, allowing inspectors to see exactly what is going on at a particular instance.

  • Non-disruptive technology that doesn’t require ceasing operations

Our drone inspection services provide you with a more efficient, cost-effective and safe inspection process that gives better, closer monitoring and control, while you continue your business operations as usual. Our inspection services have been widely used within large-scale industries such as Power, Oil & Gas, Wind turbines, and Solar.


Precision Spraying

We provide services for spraying pesticides in agricultural fields with precise and automated spraying.

Generally, drone technology in agriculture is more time-efficient and provides lower fuel charge per acre than a tractor, due to the upsurge coverage pace.

Given maximized precision and flexibility for unmanned aerial vehicle procedures, agriculture drone offers a better value proposition than conventional treatment management even in fields where aerial spray services are not commonly utilised to date.

Our drones can also be used for disinfectant spraying in large areas over a short period of time.

Contact us to know more about our services.

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