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Research & Development Initiatives

Our Core Objectives:  

  • R&D is important for businesses because it provides powerful knowledge and insights, leads to improvements to existing processes where efficiency can be increased and costs reduced.

  • It also allows businesses to develop new products and services to allow it to survive and thrive in competitive markets.

  • We along with ICAR institutes and various industrial bodies are working on different agriculture crops to provide a better solution towards Precision Agriculture through our Optimized UAV Solutions.

Our Ongoing Research Projects:  

  • Optimization of UAVs parameters for better efficiency

  • Optimization of UAVs physics to improve the flight time

  • Optimization of UAVs to improve turnaround time

  • Detailed Study on Spray Deposition and Drift Characteristics of UAV Agricultural Sprayer for Application of Insecticide 

  • Way of Sampling of Spray Drift

  • Development of Spray Sampling Scheme for different crops through UAVs

  • Selection and Feeding of UAV Spray Operational Parameters Optimization

Our Ongoing Research Projects with our Stakeholders:  

  • Vriksha Agrochemicals Pvt. Ltd

  • ICAR-IISWC, Dehradun

  • ICAR-IISR, Lucknow

ICAR-IISWC Collaboration Field Visit

ICAR-IISWC Collaboration Field Visit & Interaction with Sankar M., Scientist (Soil Science), ICAR-IISWC

Our Research Outcomes (Till Date):  

  • 3 research papers accepted in International Conference in April 2023 in 5th International Conference Climate Change and Its Impact (CCI-2023)

  • Indian Patents Submitted :

    • One Design Patent

    • Two Technology Patent

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